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Mold Remediation Regulations

Mold Remediation Contractors:

Many mold removal contractors are unaware of the regulations covering the materials used in their line of work.  If left unaddressed this can lead to expensive fines and significant environmental damages.

While no specific regulations govern mold remediation, the chemicals and paints utilized by contractors may be controlled.  Please investigate each product used in the course of your remediation operation and verify if any chemicals require special handling or reporting.

What are the most common problem areas for mold remediation contractors?

  • Mildicides and antimicrobial sprays.  These are products used to kill remove mold growth from building materials.  Often these include quaternary ammonium compounds, ozone or other regulated chemicals.
  • Encapsulants with mildicide additives such as IAQ 6000.  Products like these contain powerful mildicides that are regulated as a dangerous waste by the Department of Ecology.
  • Cleaning paint equipment improperly.  Allowing rinse water from equipment cleaning to enter a storm drain is a major violation.